Marching Otago

A Legacy of Fun and Friendship

Marching Otago has been proudly representing their region in the sport of marching for over 70 years. It’s a sport that has long been cherished across the country and continues to thrive today. We are a community of marchers, coaches, judges and volunteers that share a passion for a sport that is both fun and challenging. We are continually looking for more people to join as marchers or behind the scenes. We welcome all enquiries.

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Marching Otago has teams of every age for marchers interested in joining. The sport is inclusive of all gender identities and welcomes both new and experienced marchers. Marching is about fun and friendship while also developing skills.


Our experienced coaches are passionate about the sport and the welfare of our marchers. We provide information and support to people interested in the Marching New Zealand training programme. If you are interested in becoming a touch, please get in touch.


Marching Otago has a team of exceptional judges that attend competitions held locally and nationally when required. New judges are always welcome and we provide support and information to people interested in taking up the training.


Marching Otago is fortunate to have an amazing team of volunteers that help our season run smoothly each year. We are always looking for helpers and welcome new volunteers to our team. We have a range of tasks that we need assistance with each year.

Our People

I like pushing myself and trying new things like being technical leader. I also like marching in front of a crowd and showing everyone what we’ve been working on.


It’s important for judges to remember that we’re there for the teams. We're there to support their competitive spirit and their ability to show us their skills.


It’s important for a coach to learn how to truly listen and receive feedback. I’m always looking for ways to improve as a coach, I never want to stop growing.


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